About Imran Pratapgarhi

Poet | Philosopher | Philanthropist
3 times National Award Winner for debate and poetry
Yash Bharti Award 2016 Winner


Completed his Graduation from Allahabad University, Imran is now pursuing his Ph.D. in Poetry. He aspires to fill the world with his appreciated literary scripts.

Imran Pratapgarhi

Mohammad Imran Khan who is prominently known as Imran Pratapgarhi is a well-known Urdu language and Hindi Language Poet who acquired fame at a very young age and turned an inspiration for youth. Through his poems and 'shayaris' he has won many hearts. His work includes verses for sharp socio-political distortions, country- love, brotherhood and religious - social harmony fragrance broke. Born in Pratapgarh city of the State Uttar Pradesh has given Imran the title of Imran Pratapgarhi.

Acquired passion of poetry since childhood, Imran initiated writing literary manuscript since the age of five and from that time he never turned back. He gained accolades in his performances not just in India but also in US, Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Oman and many other European Countries. The receiver of many awards and recognition including the ‘National Award’, Imran Pratapgarhi is the man with most beautiful soul.



National Award

The three time National Award Winner for debate and poetry

Firaq Gorakhpuri Award

Firaq Gorakhpuri Award 2007


Yash Bharti Award

Yash Bharti Award 2016 - highest Award of Uttar Pradesh Government

Prakhar Media Prakashan Award

Prakhar Media Prakashan Award 2005 & 2009